The circumference of Seto Inland Sea is the area which rainfall is small in. The rainfall of the year is especially small in comparison with the western part in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture. There is not much volume of water of the Ashida River to flow through Fukuyama City in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, and the Takahashi River to flow through Kurashiki City of Okayama Prefecture like the Ohta River in the western part of Hiroshima Prefecture. But, there are many beautiful waterfalls.

The waterfall of the crown(1)
The waterfall of the height 30m in the Yagawa River to flow through Ryuzukyo of Fukuyama City. There are even only four Hiroshima Prefectures which have many in the number of a waterfall for "Ryuzu" and a name to be stuck to the Japanese whole country.

The waterfall of the crown(2)
This waterfall is in the height above sea level 600m, and flow from the upper reaches almost becomes right-angled with Takiguchi.

Four-step waterfall(1)
This waterfall is on the upper reaches 500 more m from the waterfall of the crown. The waterfall of 5m lasts slowly 4m, and extreme upper steps are an omission, 22m in total in the height of 10m after the waterfall of 2.5m.

Four-step waterfall(2)
A waterfall under four-step waterfall most. Depth is about 2m with the waterfall jar in all 13m direction. A precipice is all right as for the atmosphere for both shores.

Fujio "Ichi"no Taki(1)
This waterfall is a waterfall in the Kamiya River divided from the Ashida River which flowed through Fukuyama City. It is here from the waterfall of Ichi (one) to the waterfall of San (three).

Fujio "Ichi"no Taki(2)
As for this waterfall, depth is 4m with the height 6m, the waterfall jar in all 13m direction.

Fujio "Ni"no Taki
This waterfall is on the upper reaches 1km of the waterfalls of "Ichi". This waterfall divides into 4 steps, and there are 2.55m from the top, 2m, 4m, 23 of 14.5m in total, too.

Fujio "San"no Taki
The waterfall of "San" is just on the upper reach of the waterfall of "Ni", and height is 7m. Depth is 5m with the waterfall jar in all 13m direction.

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