Iheya Island is an island in the north from Okinawa 30km. They are many legends and the island which has the beautiful sea on the island which exists in the northernmost part of Okinawa Prefecture. Izena Island is next to this island. Coral and the horizon are the beauty which isn't seen in Seto Inland Sea. The academic meeting related to the climate of the island in the stage in October, 2002 had this island held.

Mt, Kuba
The plant that an island is characteristic of Mt Kuba of the height above sea level 104m at the northern end of this island grows.

Kumaya Cave

An area 600 u thing cave is in Mt rock in this island.

Before, the rock that it is transmitted that it kept waiting for the husband whom a young married couple's wife went to for the fishing and who didn't come back. The pool which never dries up is on this rock.

Yahee rock
This is the rock of the good shape which is here soon from the seashore.

Gushigawa island
An uninhabited island in the north of Izena Island. This island is the slender island surrounded in the coral.

The tomb where a big king in Okinawa, a Yagura big king were deified.

Kenago beach
The back of the Kumaya seashore. A white sandy beach and the harmony of the scene are wonderful here.


This rock looks like the pattern of the tiger. The building of the front is the public office of this village.
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