Innoshima bridge is the bridge of the length 1270m that Innoshima is connected with Mukaishima. This bridge was built in 1983. Though a bridge beyond 40 is in Seto Inland Sea, this bridge is 1 of the most beautiful bridges.

Innoshima bridge_1
This area is an important line from the old days.

Innoshima bridge_2
This picture is a scene near the Ohamasaki lighthouse. This bridge is built two floors. A bicycle proceeds along the bottom.

Innoshima bridge_3
A scene from Mukaishima. An Ohamasaki lighthouse is on the right of this picture.

Innoshima bridge_4
This scene is best loved by the people.

Innoshima bridge_5
A scene from Iwakojima. This island is in the west of Mukaishima.

Innoshima bridge_6
A scene from the south of Innoshima bridge.

Innoshima bridge_7
from Kajinobana area

Innoshima bridge_8
from ship

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