There are many stories which relate to the Shinto shrine empress in the island of Seto Inland Sea. Kamagari Island is one of such islands, too.
When the empress drops in at the island, a comb is dropped, and the grass of the toad is cropped, and it is transmitted that a comb was looked for on this island.
Shimo Kamagari Island is connected with Kami Kamagari Island with Kamagari big bridge. An ancient tomb is in this island, and has much history.

An inhabitant's of a prefecture beach
A sandy beach in the south of the island. A star can be observed in the front in the astronomical observatory at night.

This island is one of the uninhabited islands which it dots the south of Kamagari Island with. Many islands where it is named Kojima are in the whole country.

The beach of love
There is the west side of the inhabitant's of a prefecture beach in this sandy beach.

from Mt,Jyuumonji
The beach of the inhabitant of a prefecture who saw it from Mt Jyuumonji which existed in Toyo Island in the east of Kamagari Island. The height above sea level of this mountain is 309m.

Kamagari big bridge
This bridge is a bridge to connect Shimo Kamagari Island with this island. The length of the bridge was created by 480m to carry an orange.This bridge was opened in 1979.

Miyazakari port
This port is in the center at the north side of the island. The uninhabited island where it is called with Komatsu Island is in the front viewed from the port. A squid, an octopus often have a catch around here.

from Monomi bridge
There are many rugged cliffs in the south of this island. Mt Shitikunimi is the mountain of the height above sea level 457m. This picture was drawn from the bridge which was here in the middle of the mountain.

Hutamado Island
Hutamado Island was drawn from the cape which projected in the south of the island. A lighthouse in the picture is being called with the Kamose lighthouse.

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