Kitagi Island is the island which floats in the coastal waters of Okayama Prefecture Kasaoka City. It is big even if it is compared with the island of the circumference. This island can take the granite of the good quality called a Kitagi stone.

The southern end of the island is a dead end in the Maruiwa port.As for seeing it in the distance, Manabe Island.

Because it is a dead end, there are few people who come at the southern end of the island.The mark of the workshop which the stone caused with Cho-ba by this island is quarried to is left.

Unevenness is violent, and many capes and bays are in this island's coastline. A beautiful beach is most in the Fukoshi cape which projected in the east even of that.

This island is uninhabited Kojima who can be seen from a ship to go to Kitagi Island.

A beach at the end of the extreme south of the island.

These bays are the village called Maruiwa.

The huge rock called a cat rock when it goes to this point can be seen.

This picture drew Nojimabana from the neighborhood.
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