Kurahashi Island is the biggest island in Hiroshima Prefecture. This island is the island which exists in Hiroshima Prefecture in the southernmost part, and he is next to Ehime Prefecture and Yamaguchi Prefecture. And, this island is being written in the previous Japanese book "MANYOU-SYUU" as well for more than 1000 years. It is the island whose history and culture are abundant.

from Mt,HIYAMA (1)
As for the volcano in the south of the island, height above sea level is 456m. A Honura port and some islands can be seen from this mountain.

from Mt,HIYAMA (2)
The back of the bay is KATSURAHAMA. A little island is an uninhabited island.

There is a change in this coastline, and it is dotted with the rock of the size. A name is given to the peculiar rock.

This rock is the rock of the height 40m on the west side of the Honura bay.

The uninhabited island which exists in the south from the island 400m.

HAE Lighthouse.
This lighthouse was built to lead the ship for which to go into Hiroshima bay. It shines white 9 times at night with the obi pattern of yellow and black in 15 seconds. This lighthouse was installed in 1904.

This beach exists in the south of the island, and provides a beautiful scene.

This waterfall is the waterfall of the height 50m on the west side of Kurahashi Island.
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