The port of the island is the representative of the island. A shrine is in the port. It prays the safety of the ship and the safety of the fishing in the shrine.There is even a place to do the movement of the baggage from other islands in the port.

Tomo port
This is a port in the south of Fukuyama City. There is this port in Tomonoura. This port appears in the historical Japanese book.

Maruiwa port
This port is in the south of Okayama Prefecture Kasaoka City. The stone which can be gathered on this island is famous.

Kure port
This port was in the center of the former Sea of Japan army.

Miyaura port
This port is in Ehime Prefecture. An OHYAMA shrine is in this port.

Ohchoh port
This island grows many oranges.

Futagami port

This port is in Ehime Prefecture.
This is the port where many fish have a catch.

Umashima port
This port is in Ehime Prefecture Imabari City.
A Kurushima bridge in this island is beautiful.

Ushijima port
This port is in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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