Momo Island is a triangular island. A bridge is not in this island. This island is the rare island which doesn't have a bridge.

from Location area
It took pictures of the TV drama before on this island. This bridge is the Uchiumi bridge which Tajima is connected with.

Near "the Dango rock"
There is a "Dango rock" in the south of location area Island. This picture is that nearby seashore.

Dango rock
This is the big rock being called "Dango rock". This rock became small due to the damage of the typhoon. Mr,Fujimoto who knows this rock said,this rock was over 3m before.

Mutsumi bridge
This is a bridge in the south of Momo Island. This bridge connects Yokoshima with Tajima.

Nagahama beach
This is seashore in the east of the island. Many shellfishes could be caught on this beach.

Mt, Takami
An Innoshima bridge is in the distance.

This is Yokoshima.

Yuge island
There are Ategi island and Yuge island

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