Nakajima island is the island which is here so that the coastal waters of Matsuyama City may be suitable. The surroundings of the island are 31km. As for the height above sea level, Mt Oosato of 296m is in the island. The water army existed before in this sea stage. It is the island which is famous for the orange at present.

This is a high bay on the east side of the island. There is a port which becomes in the center of the islands here. Which Ohura exists in the center of the island though the name of Ohura is in each place in Japan, too.

This village is near the cape where it is called north Utasaki of the island. This village faces an inlet, and the farmhouse which grows an orange exists in it.

Kyuubei Kojima
When the person of Kyuubei pulls tide, the origin of this island name comes from the story that that it walks and goes to this Kojima and which tide is full of and that it can't come back any more.

which cleared away. Highest Mt Ishizuchi can be seen at the back of this picture in middle Shikoku.

The long sandy beach which reaches 2000m is in the western part of the island. As for the opposite side, Nuwa Island, the front are Kudako Islands.

This is a port in the south of the island. This port is close to the Matsuyama port, the Takahama port. It is a contact port with Nuwa Island, Tsuwaji Island, Futagami Island.

from Sekido
From the east end of the island, Mutsuki Island width 500m. The tide of these surroundings is fast. There is Kyuubei Kojima of center of this picture.

Kurahashi island
Kurahashi Island of Hiroshima Prefecture is near from Nakajima. And, space with Suou, Ooshima in Yamaguchi Prefecture is short with about 700m, too.

Nakajima cho Mt,Ishizuchi
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