Oosaki shimojima is an island in the center of Seto Inland Sea.
The surroundings of the island are 20km. As for the highest mountain, the height above sea level is 449m on the island in Mt Ichiminedera. A view from the summit of a mountain is very good. The product of the island is an orange. The orange is being called a "Ohtyo orange". These surroundings were the important points of the marine traffic from the old days, and there was even a political important point in them at the same time in the Edo Period.

Nakanoseto big bridge
Two uninhabited islands exist between Oosaki shimojima and Okamura Island. The islands are Hera Island and Nakano Island. An orange is grown on these islands. This bridge is the bridge of the entire length 251m which these islands are connected with. It was opened in 1998.

Ohtyo port
This port is in the inlet on the east side of the island, and it is the center port of the island. Many ships which carry the orange which is the product of the island are anchored.

Okamura big bridge
The bridge which connects Nakano Island and Okamura Island. This bridge is the bridge created to carry an orange. The entire length of this bridge is the prefectural boundary line by 228m on the both ends of the bridge. It is opened in 1995.

Mitarai port -Ooshima Lighthouse-
A lighthouse in the north side entrance of Mitaraiseto. The position of Mitarai port is shown by this. This lighthouse is being created with the white color concrete, and it shines once in every three seconds. An air battery is being used, and a power supply carries light to 17km ahead. It is established in 1975.

A ship for agriculture
This ship goes to the island of the circumference, and it is the exclusive ship of carrying an orange. This ship is useful even at present though the bridge which connects the island of the circumference is opened at present.

Hera bridge
The bridge of the entire length 99m that Hera Island is connected with Oosaki shimojima. As for Hera Island, all is an orange field in the uninhabited island. It is opened in 1998.

Orange Three bridge
Three bridges of a Hera bridge, Nakanoseto big bridge and Okamura big bridge are being called a "Akinada orange line". It is because the origin of the name is the bridge which an orange is carried as the character to. This picture was drawn from Okamura Island.

Toyohama big bridge
The bridge of the entire length 543m that Toyoshima next to the west is connected with Oosaki shimojima of Hiroshima Prefecture. This bridge is a bridge for the agriculture that it was opened in 1992.And, there is a free ferry, too.

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