Many uninhabited islands exist in the south of Kurahashi Island. The little island where it is called with "Tuduki(The island which ranges) Island" stands in the line-shaped between Kuroshima and Yokoshima by whether as well to be of the uninhabited island. It is called "Hachikame" by the person who lives around here, and it is the place where many fish can employ it.

The island which ranges(1)
@Four islands in the east of eight islands where it is being called "Hachikame". The back of the picture is Kurahashi Island.

The island which ranges(2)
The panorama of "Hachikame".

The island which ranges(3)
An island is reflected like a lake in the gentle inland sea.

The island which ranges(4)
The west side of "Hachikame". A change is shown in this place due to the ebb and flow of the tide.

The island which ranges(5)
An island in the easternmost part of "Hachikame". It was drawn when a wave was a little rough.

The island which ranges(6)
Even if it seems to be small, this island is big by the neighborhood from the distance.

Kashinoko Island(7)
Because there are many fish around here, there are many figures of the bird which aims for them, too.


An island at the west end of The island which ranges.
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