A river to flow from the Chugoku mountains district is divided into the Sea of Japan side and Seto Inland Sea side, and it flows. Many waterfalls of the size were made by these rivers. No one knows those waterfalls as for the number of the accurate waterfall because it exists in the place as well where a person can't get in.

Armor waterfall

A waterfall. in the Ohsa River to flow from Mt Ohsa in the northwest of Hiroshima Prefecture. This waterfall has much volume of water in the height 15m, and the depth of the width is big by 30m with 8m as for the Falls bottom. This waterfall was being caused with Taki of the vision. It is because it is not in the place where a person comes.

Iwao waterfall
A waterfall in the eastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, the site of the KOMEI temple. There are a Sumiyoshi waterfall, a waterfall such as four Shiraito waterfalls besides in this temple. But, a way is rugged, and it can't go to those waterfalls. The waterfall which has a religion-like atmosphere.

Ryuzu Yae waterfall
This waterfall is being caused with the Yae waterfall because a waterfall like a Ryuzu waterfall exists in many.The condition that many things pile up with "Yae" in Japanese is said. It is called with the "princess waterfall", and there is most volume of water in the top.

Mist waterfall
This waterfall is on the upper reach of the Nishiki River of Yamaguchi Prefecture. Because there are few people who come, this waterfall's thing isn't known very much around here at the prefecture border of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Rain waterfall
The waterfall of the height 40m width 5m in the eastern Ametaki River of Tottori Prefecture. A natural wood is abundant, and there is much volume of water on the upper reach of this valley. Some waterfalls exist near here.

Daisen waterfall
Many waterfalls exist in Mt Daisen of Tottori Prefecture. A typical waterfall is this even of that. When a flood appeared in 1934, this waterfall collapsed, and shape varied according to him. There is much volume of water, and it is a powerful waterfall.

Ring waterfall
This is a waterfall in the Takahashi River to flow through Okayama Prefecture Yoshii-cho.

Ring waterfall
Two-step waterfall in the Narutaki River which is the tributary of the Shimane Prefecture Enokawa River. It has 20m when an upper step is included in bottom step 6m 7m from the top to the bottom.
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