Yuri Island is the little uninhabited island which floats so that the coastal waters of Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City may be suitable. As for the island, Ohyuri Island, the west side are Koyuri Islands as for the size with two, the island on the east side. When it is connected in the sandbar, there are an island and an island. The earthen vessel of the old days is discovered, and it is precious historically from this island. It is transmitted to this island that it sank for 1200 years fee in the latter half due to the earthquake and the tidal wave. At present, this island is uninhabited.

It is connected with ohyuri Island and Koyuri Island in the sandbar. It is called Shitaba, and the south side of this sandbar calls the north side Uwaba. It is gravel even if a sandbar is said. As for the inlet of the island, a wave is calm.

This picture draws the big rock of the height 30m in the west of Shitaba. It is a deep inlet, and there is a place to hide the ship for the old navy which to create between Shitaba and Washigasu.

@The bottom of Dake

The surroundings of Yuri Island are sudden cliffs. When tide subsides, it can turn under Dake on the south side a little.

Myoujin rocks
Myoujin God is being deified in the open space of the sandbar, and there are two big rocks called "Myoujin iwa".

Kojima in the south of Ohyuri Island. There is a Yuri Shima lighthouse in "Ebisu iwa" of this cape. But, it can't go there because they are all sudden cliffs.

The north side of the sandbar which an island is connected with is called Uwaba. This picture is the thing which drew Ohyuri Island from Koyuri Island.

Koyuri island
This picture is the thing which drew the inlet where it got into Koyuri Island deeply. No matter how much the weather becomes rough, it is said that it is gentle inside the bay.

Telephone booth
This telephone booth is cut off in 1993, and only a wooden telephone booth is left in it now though it was left for the urgent contact after this island becomes an uninhabited island.
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